About us

QUORE is family owned and operated, born out of the company Nature’s Geometry that has been in the gem, mineral, crystal, jewelry and mining business for over three decades. Working from the ground up we are trailblazing the movement of promoting and educating about responsible and ethical sourcing, leading by example through transparency. We create high concept multi-dimensional designs that are either inspired by sacred geometry or maintain their natural and raw form, all of our pieces are created with the intention of connecting people to nature through earth elements while being both futuristic and timeless.

SOURCING- We believe in transparent sourcing through supporting artisanal mining in a sustainable and authentic way.

PHILOSOPHY- Our jewels are meant to ignite the understanding of magic. There is a certain mysticism that has always guided the belief system of our family, having a respect, love and faith in the natural order of the universe and the way life takes its twists and turns ultimately unraveling in a magical way. We humans are not one dimensional and neither is the earth or nature, therefore our desire is that the jewels can be an energetic piece of the earth that transmits this message. These small but magical reminders of the multi-faceted beauty that surrounds us. We can choose to tap into that power or spend our lives ignoring it. When we surrender it is like a personal invitation for the universe to touch us with that magic.

PASSION- We are artists passionate about color, purity, rarity, design, authentic quality and timeless innovative beauty.