Our Story

QUORE was founded by Quendi, born into a multi-cultural family raised both in California and Brazil, her parents Brian and Kendra met in high school in California in the 70’s. Kendra was an exchange student, they fell in love and a year later Brian went to Brazil to marry her. The young lovers spent their youth traveling the world and settled in Northern California to raise their three daughters Yavanna, Quendi and Natasha. Brian was studying geology and Kendra aromatherapy. The family continued to split their time always going back to their home in Bahia, Brazil. After joining mining projects in Brazil and realizing gemstones were a source that could keep the family supported and involved in both countries, their first company Nature’s Geometry was established in 1989.

It was with Nature’s Geometry that all the jewel creations began. Experimentations with optical quartz and colored gemstones began after the discovery of the Paraiba Tourmaline in Brazil, in which Brian was very much involved in and continues to educate the industry on the subject at conferences worldwide. Kendra started to experiment with her knowledge of essential oils making botanical perfume blends that she used for her invention of Aromajewels. The family spent a good portion of their lives taking long road trips selling their rare and exotic creations to friends from far places and going out to the desert for the Tucson gem show year after year. This was an eclectic world of adventures with foreign friends where rare stones and artists from all worlds collided.

After many years growing up in this lifestyle and living both in Europe and Brazil, Quendi then moved to New York and eventually back to California, this time to Los Angeles. Inspired to help her family grow and develop a creative identity for Nature’s Geometry, she created both a physical studio space in downtown Los Angeles and an online platform to make their rare treasures accessible to the world. This is how Quore was born. The word Quore itself is a creation combining the Latin word for heart “Cor” and “Core” such as the core of the earth or the central most important part of something, and the Q of “Quartz” which is the primary material used in the majority of Quore designs. The deeper meaning of this invented word is the conception of beautiful things that come from the core of the earth used to open the heart and bring light to surface.

Today the family still travels and is spread out between California, Brazil, Arizona and London. Currently they are working on the manifestation of a sustainable mining project at their Rutilated Quartz mine in Bahia, which will serve as a model for a new phase in the industry that encourages responsible sourcing through traceability, respect and support of local mining communities. Learn more about our Bahia Gold Initiative 


Bahia Gold Rutilated Quartz Mine

Quendi  Kendra Brian