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Gemstone Supply Chain Action For Designers & Artists





Artisanal miners and their communities must be included equitably for their essential labour to supply the stones and metals.

As suppliers of gemstones and jewelry we are a part of ground breaking efforts to demonstrate transparency from our miners to the consumer. And to give back money to benefit the immediate needs for the miners and their families.

In this collection we have a selection of loose stones for purchase with a percentage varying from 20-45% , indicating the amount of that sale to be sent directly to the mining community.

These funds will go directly to the mine cooperative COOPEGANH at Novo Horizonte, Bahia, Brazil. The mine region that produces our Bahia Golden Rutilated Quartz. We are working through the cooperative, and mayors office and with the Secretary of Health.

Funds will purchase dust protective masks for the miners who are operating the pneumatic hammers yet have no dust protection other than scraps of fabric tied around the face. Many of the operators have proper protection but too many do not. During this moment of COVID-19, we are deeply concerned for many of the elderly living remote that are facing food security issues. Therefore we are putting together care packages to include food basics plus sanitary basics such as soap, alcohol gel, and face masks.


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